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Inspection & Test

Key Benefits

Our inspection and test services include:

  • In house inspection equipment
  • Calibrated Tools
  • Highly Qualified Personnel


Mitutoyo SJ-201 Profilometer

The SJ-201 is the most reliable and precise surface measuring instrument available.


Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite

24" Two Dimensional Measurement System: Measurements are made by an opto-electric sensor moving over a high accuracy glass scale on precision vertical guides. The Micro-Hite 1D/2D electronic height gage measures external, internal, and distance dimensions as well as perpendicularity, flatness, straightness, centers and diameters. In addition, the Micro-Hite system calculates deviations and feature relationships, automatically.

Repeatability: ±2s =0.0001"0.003mm

Digit Display:
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)



.011-.750 Plus Tolerance Plug Pin Gauges.

We also have a wide variety of thread plug gauges, indicators, hardness testers, ring gauges, height gauges, calipers and micrometers.

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